I'm Ready for My Next

  • The Present
  • Are you confident that you are saving sufficiently to meet your desired accumulation and funding goals?
    When was the last time you met with your adviser to review your personal net worth statement and estate documents?
    Does your current adviser monitor your cash flow?
    Do you feel that you're taking more investment risk than needed to meet and maintain your current financial goals?
    Is your spouse capable of handling your finances and maintaining your asset protection plans if something were to happen to you?
    What steps have you taken to protect your assets from lawsuits, liabilities and fraud?
    Do your family members know where all of your important documents are kept - and what they mean?
    How much do your professional advisers (accountant, attorney, etc.) coordinate their efforts on your behalf to benefit your financial goals?
    Are you ready to simplify your financial life with a clear vision of your own personal Next?
  • The Future
  • How confident are you today that you won't outlive your money?
    When you eventually become financially independent and stop working, where will your first paycheck come from?
    Does your current Estate Plan accomplish your legacy goals? Does it protect all the assets you plan to pass on?
    Do you know how much of your hard-earned assets will go to the federal and/or the state government at your death?
    Is there a charity, organization or educational establishment that has had a positive impact on your life?
    How often do you think about the Next windfall (or setback) in your life? And are you prepared for it?
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