Investment Management

While an overall financial plan is the foundation to your Next, a solid investment plan is vital to supporting that foundation. We work tirelessly to ensure that your hard-earned assets are working for you, helping you build wealth for the future — and be prepared for your Next.

Motivated by your needs and your Next, we create a well-diversified portfolio for you guided by risk management practices. Then we review and adjust your portfolio on a regular basis, taking into consideration market and economic trends, while always taking a long-term view to your investment strategy.

As an independent Registered Investment Adviser, the StratWealth® team is unbiased in our advice for the best investments for you. Unlike large brokerage firms that are encouraged to sell you their own investment products, StratWealth advisers are free to choose from a broad range of investments on your behalf — making sure the focal point of your investment management strategy is you and your Next.