Your portal to peace of mind.®

As you navigate the path from ‘Cradle to Happiness’ there are many phases brought on by windfalls (a new job, raise, inheritance, marriage, home/business divestment); or by crisis (divorce, litigation, death). Or, simply by life milestones (marriage, parenthood, relocation, retirement).

While it’s easy to look backwards to determine the cause, it’s far more difficult to project forward for the appropriate response. StratWealth’s main priority is to project you forward to your Next by developing a personalized strategic plan for life synchronization — your own NexitPlanSM.

As time passes and changes occur in your life situation, your NexitPlan will make it easy for you to take an active role in achieving financial success and peace of mind. NexitPlan uses a web-based tool designed to give you instant access to clean and complete information about your wealth management strategies and progress. In addition to the face-to-face meetings we schedule with you, the interactive program allows the StratWealth® team to hold live conversations with you online — upholding our promise of continued responsiveness.

When it comes to growth, freedom, reward, balance, understanding, legacy and peace of mind, nothing is more important than What Comes Next, and through decades of hands-on experience, research and continued education, We Know Your Next.