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The StratWealth Strategic Partner Program is about building a business with purpose that is greater than it is today. The Strategic Partner Program is central to StratWealth’s core calling of serving others to make lives better.  In this program each Advisor is connected to our business in a professional partnership what will help guide them to a business outcome only achieved through the partnership itself.

Since the early 1990’s Jim DeCarlo has been working with thousands of Advisor’s all over the globe to help them create a better business model that suits their lifestyle and helps them scale. Today, as CEO of StratWealth, he provides the tools, the coaching, and the platform through this Strategic Partner Program.

For Financial Advisors who are looking to take the next step in their career, StratWealth offers a unique opportunity to help you transform your business, with the intent to help you transform your life!  Our retail advisor platform will help you reach your goals.  These goals may be short or long-term and may include…..

Growing Your Business

Managing Your Business

Exiting Your Business

Our goal is to partner with like-minded advisors and firms who understand our vision, share our passion, and are looking for a cultural transformation.

Make no mistake, access to SPP is only through a professional partnership that requires both parties to follow a methodology of ‘discovery’. If you’re looking to continue the journey, contact us today!

What Our Advisor's Have To Say!

As an advisor with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, change is very common as the markets, taxes and the economy are evolving daily. On the other hand, making the decision to move from one advisory platform to another is a difficult and laboring process. Over my career I have changed from one broker/dealer or RIA four times, with each change anticipating and expecting that the grass was greener on the other side.

My most recent change to StratWealth was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made over the last 20 plus years, but ultimately the best decision. I was very happy with my prior broker/dealer and had no complaints about the service and technology I had available to me and my clients. What I didn’t realize, until after I joined StartWealth, is that service and technology, while important, didn’t match up to the culture and purpose of a firm. I have been amazed at how the culture and purpose at StratWealth has provided my clients and me the comfort and feeling of knowing that we are ALL working for one common corporate goal of being the best we can for our clients.

Being the best is easy to say and easy to write, but is best demonstrated in the everyday actions of the people at StratWealth. StratWealth is all about the team, with each individual of the team always striving to meet their professional goals and objectives, which in turn create a successful, dynamic, motivated and driven team. What you don’t hear is, “If I could, I would”, what you do hear is, “If I can, I will!”
Edward C. von Lange
Head of Business Development,
Senior Advisor


James K. Eichelberger
Jennine Ramsey LaCroix
James M. Griesser
Partner/Chief Compliance Officer
Kimberly S. Magaha
Gary P. Desjardins
Edward C. von Lange, CFP®, AIF®, CPFA
Head of Business Development, Senior Advisor
Amanda N. Campbell
Senior Advisor

Joseph P. Garrison

Patricia B. Achterhof
Chief Operating Officer

James DeCarlo
Chief Executive Officer


StratWealth’s primary mission is to Serve Others to Make Lives Better.
To do that, we nurture a genuine culture where everybody matters, every day.

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